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We are innovative and financially sound and because there are so many opportunities to grow within the organization. Many of the positions in management or in specialist areas are filled internally. Here you feel like part of a family and not so much an employee who has to perform his or her duties.

- Mr. Sanjay Kodag, CEO of Eurolec Energy

Welcome To Eurolec Energy !

EUROLEC ENERGY is based at Pune and branch office in Sangli, in 2013, founded the homonymous company based in Pune.

Today the unique alliance of Eurolec Energy forming and first-class solution's in the field of Customers satisfaction, guarantees intelligent system solution's from one source. Innovation and long-time experience have made the Eurolec Energy a competent partner for our clients. Personal support, excellent service and the established knowledge of our staff are the factors of success which leads to optimal solution's and allow products of outstanding quality. We have received consistent growth over a period by providing the above services.

Welcome you all to the extensive range of Lightning Protection System, Cable Tray System, Earthing System, SPD, Underfloor Raceways, Eurolec Energy DB's, Industrial Plug and Sockets, Lighting Solutions, Capacitors MPP & APP, Reactors, Thyristors, APFC Controllers, MCBs, MCCBs, RCBs, RCBOs, DB's, Movement & Presence Detectors, UPS, ATS, HVLS Fans, Meters and other industrial electrical products.
We have launched 'Eurolec' distribution boards with various range of metal enclosure with industrial socket and mcb provision also we are authorized channel partner for Hager, OBO Bettermann, Neptune - Ducati / Bals, Mennekes, Anchor by Panasonic Luminaries, Socomec and RR Kabel.

We are Channel Partner for

Socomec Group


Anchor by Panasonic

Neptune Ducati / Bals


OBO Bettermann


RR Kabel

WAGO Global