Capacitors, Reactor, APFC / Controllers, TSM / Thyristor Switch Module

Eurolec Energy is a distributor for SUDHAN Electromech APP capacitor manufacturing dealing company managed by technocrats having more than three decades of experience in manufacturing and application engineering of power factor improvement capacitors. Manufacturing activity is done at an ultramodern plant located in Saswad, District Pune in the state of Maharashtra, India.

Non Self healing capacitors APP single/double layer design
High Voltage Capacitors Made from high quality BOPP film
Self Healing Capacitors Made from imported Zn-Al MP film

Eurolec Energy is a distributor for NEPTUNE DUCATI MPP capacitors manufactured at an ultra modern facility located in NOIDA. These products are working at over 10,000 plus installations across the country and with a PAN India sales and support network NEPTUNE is a very well known brand in the power factor correction, energy management and Harmonic filtration market.

Neptune Ducati power analyzers available in M6, M9 & M9 plus range
Neptune Power & Harmonic Analyzer available in M30, M2000 & DUCA LCD 96
Energy management system comprises of Dual energy metering prepaid & post paid with EMS software & networking
Neptune universal metering consists of MI,M3, M6& ELR with CBCT
Neptune-DUCATI Switchboards Neptune Power D modular switchboards with ELSTEEL Techno modular switchboards.
Neptune-Ducati Capacitors NSL-10, NSM-4, NSL-10 ULTIMA
Neptune Ducapower capacitors S5, Power9, DucaPower XD
Harmonic Block Reactors HBR's and Thyristor switching module.
Automatic Power Factor Controller RM-12, RM & NAAC 3P, APFC-Rego
Automatic Power Factor Correction System Life Line series auto power factor correction system
NAAC Advanced PF Compensator Microprocessor based 3 Phase controller for Dual power P F settings
Detuned & tuned Harmonic Filtration System APFC with 7% harmonic block reactor
ACTIVCOMP system Accurate P F control even with harmonic Presence

All these products are well accepted and approved in the Indian market by banks, industries, insurance companies, labs, malls, hospitals, diagnostic centres, cinema theatres, vehicle service centres, showrooms etc.

We cater to the supply and support of SUDHAN & Neptune DUCATI products ,in Pune, Kolhapur, Sangli, Satara and Karad areas of Maharashtra presently.


Capacitors Sudhan
  • Range From. 5 Kvar to 50 Kvar
  • Voltage Range. 415 Volts to 690 Volts
  • Type. APP
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Capacitors Neptune-Ducati
  • Range From. 5 Kvar to 50 Kvar
  • Voltage Range. 415 Volts to 690 Volts
  • Type. MPP, MDXL, Heavy duty
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Reactor Neptune-Ducati
  • Range From 5 Kvar to 100 Kvar
  • Filtering Factor. 5.67%, 7%, and 14%
  • Voltage Range: 415 to 690 Volts
  • Type. Copper and Aluminum
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TSM (Thyristor Switch Module)

TSM (Thyristor Switch Module) Neptune-Ducati
  • Range. 15 Kvar 25Kar, 50kvar to 100 Kvar
  • Voltage. 415/450Volts to 690/750Volts
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APFC Relay

APFC Relay Neptune-Ducati
  • Steps. 5, 8 and 12
  • Model. REGO Series, NAAC 3P Series, RM Series
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Meter Neptune-Ducati
  • Type. Voltmeter, Ameter, VIF, MultiFunction Meter, KWH Meter
  • Accuracy Class. 0.5 and 1
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